Consumer Insights

We know today’s marketplace is highly competitive., With many options out on shelf, catching the consumer’s eye has become more than simply packaging and marketing. There is a need to establish an emotional connection with the brand. Consumers now also expect much more from their products than what they had been made for. Simultaneously, consumers are looking for what suits their lifestyle, and there is a need to get better value for spending. NVSL can help companies recognize who their most valuable consumer is, and ensure innovation, communication and activationis evaluated from the perspective of theseconsumers, not just generic demographics or segments.
Consumer studies typically help you get insights in following areas:


• How frequently do they shop? How much do they spend on every shopping trip?
• Where do they buy? What channels drive your brands performance?
• Where do your volumes come from? Are you expanding the category or stealing from competitors? Which brands are you interacting with?
• How is your portfolio shopped? Do different SKUs attract different consumers or do your buyers shop across your range?


• Measuring advertising effectiveness


• Market Opportunities & Feasibility
• Brand Development (Positioning & Targeting)
• Sales & Marketing Mix (Pricing & Distribution)


• Idea Generation
• Concept Screening / Design / Testing
• Product Testing (Pricing, Packaging, Features, Positioning)


• Brand Relationship, Experience, Stakeholders’ Loyalty
• Marketing mix modeling
• Shoppers study