Market Insights

Bangladesh has been primarily a traditional trade driven market with a large retail base; however modern trade is all set to grow.. This retail base has been ever dynamic and it has taken immense effort by manufacturers for them to continue improving market performance; efficient distribution has especially been most perplexing.. To encounter these challenges, NVSL offers the following services to help grow a company’s market performance with the right marketing and supply plan.


Help marketing managers review product concentration curve and marketing efficiency

  • Conduct high-level reviews
  • Analyze business trends
  • Evaluate product performance
  • Formulate competitive strategies through knowledge of insights around each marketing lever

• Help sales managers to review sales & distribution performance

  • Assess the competitive environment

• Help support strategic decisions

  • Generate “what if” scenarios looking at alternative pricing, promotion, timing, assortment, etc.
  • Helping management derive optimal strategies


• Monitoring customized KPIs of self-display program and other POS materials
• Help review the display impact on business


• This will be limited to promotional/selective brands
• Help review the promotional effectiveness on the basis of consumer feedbacks
• Help design better promotional scheme


• Key input for improving distribution efficiency by finding out right outlets
• Help optimize resource allocation – people, vehicle, etc.
• Setting & expanding distribution targets