Our Latest Projects

The study was commissioned to gain an overview of the maritime industry of Bangladesh: international shipping, domestic shipping, and shipbuilders (including ship repairers). The report encompasses information about sea ports, cargo and containers, private ship owners fleet data, ship builders, role of govt. and related associations, maritime education and activities, trend of shipbuilding, import data of ship machineries etc.

An analytical policy paper on agribusiness MSMEs in Bangladesh, defining possible programmatic interventions.

The second subcontract for the ‘Development of EE&C Master Plan of Bangladesh’ measured the patterns of ownership of appliances and equipment and measured electricity consumption at the appliance level from different stakeholders. The report also presents the survey results of participants from various segments of society about the participants’ EE&C awareness and opinion on policy. The content of the research is intended for drafting the framework for EE&C policies such as energy management system, labeling system, building codes, and finance system.

The government of japan, in response to the request of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), as part of the countermeasure for Bangladesh’s energy supply crisis and climate change mitigation, executed a project, for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) in Bangladesh. The paper for the first subcontract reports on the appliance market, present degree of penetration and puts forth a projection of electricity consumption in the residential sector to 2030 based on household appliance ownership rates, parameterized according to econometric variables.

Terminal Evaluation of an intervention for the provision of WASH in four municipalities.