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    we make strong commitment with our customer to establish business synergy.

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    We maintain quality and consistency in our services

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    We maintain highest standard of ethics in any of our business dealings.

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    We give away a portion of our profit for the betterment of the society we live in.

Welcome to NewVision

Welcome to NewVision Solutions Ltd website. We specialize in providing solutions to any foreign organization interested in doing business in Bangladesh or any Bangladeshi company interested in doing business with any foreign nation. We have 30+ years of experience in dealing with Japanese companies and we have the tools required for success for any Japan Bangladesh business venture. We have extensive experience in Ship building, Information Technology, Staffing solution and arranging foreign joint ventures, specifically with Japan.


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About Us

We have 30 years of experience in different Japan Bangladesh ventures. twelve years of experience in various aspects within the consulting industry.


NewVision has expertise and solutions for diverse industries.

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We have so many potential clients those are very much renown all over the world...


Our commitment, honesty,punctuality is our strength. We have .........