Consumer Preference of Beverage in Bangladesh

An International Trading Company

16 July to 16 September 2019


The objective of the market study was to examine the feasibility of foreign beverages by surveying the consumer and producer sample in various area in Bangladesh.

Research Questions:

  1. What are the beverage items available in Bangladesh?
  2. Which type of beverage are sold most?
  3. How many major market players and their market share for the specific beverage?
  4. What is the supply chain for each beverage?
  5. What is the consumer preference for each beverage?

Respondents for the Market Research

NewVision Solutions Ltd surveyed consumers, small shops, super shops, dealers/wholesalers, and conducted KIIs with owners of depo/hub, producers, and importers of beverage in three major cities (Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet) in Bangladesh.

Our Approaches:

Phase 1

  • A. Review of government publications, trade and industry journals.
  • B. Identified major cities according to the client.
  • C. Prepared survey tools.

Phase 2

  • A. Identified the types of beverages available in Bangladesh.
  • B. Identified consumers preferable beverages according to taste.
  • C. Found out the top five brands for water, milk, soft drinks, energy drinks, juice, and sports drinks according to consumer preference.
  • D. Identified the foreign drinks are available in Bangladesh and the country of origin of those drinks.
  • E. Found out the percentage of consumers who are conscious regarding drinks.
  • F. Determined the market size for a specific beverage.
  • G. Based on the survey and KIIs, distribution channel of the beverages was explored.

Phase 3

  • A. The primary analysis of the survey was shared with the client to get feedback.
  • B. The analysis was harmonized with the client’s feedback.
  • C. Based on the client’s accord final report was submitted.

Result of the Study:

The market research has found that locally-branded beverages have a greater preference than foreign drinks among Bangladeshi consumers. They also strongly prefer unflavoured and sweet-tasting drinks. Clear drinks are favored more compared to colored drinks.

Subsequent Stage:

Currently, the client is deliberating with our proposed strategic options and planning out to enter the beverage market with their drinks in Bangladesh.