Higher Education Sub-Sector in Bangladesh: Key Challenges and Support Required for the Sector


The objective of the study was to carry out a situation and need-based analysis of the higher education subsector of Bangladesh to identify potential support areas and projects where the client could support.

Respondents for the Study

  • Vice-chancellor of Dhaka University, University Faculty Members (20)
  • University Grant Commission: Chairman, Board Members(5), and secretary
  • Employers (4) and Alumnus (4)
  • Managing director of NewVision Solutions Limited (NVSL) interviewing Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University.

Research Questions:

  1. What is the present status of the higher education sub-sector of Bangladesh?
  2. What are the existing need and challenges of this sector?
  3. How different stakeholders of higher education subsector of Bangladesh are prioritizing development initiatives for this sector?
  4. What are the existing needs and challenges in relation to the client’s support and priority?
  5. In what different ways our client can play an effective role to develop a higher education system?

Our Approaches:

To have a holistic idea of the higher education subsector of Bangladesh we divided our approaches into three phases.

Phase 1

  • A. Literature review and government policy document analysis
  • B. Exploring preliminary ideas of HE structures of Bangladesh from the University Grant Commission (UGC).
  • C. Identification of government priorities for higher education in Bangladesh.
  • D. Identified specific disciplines according to the client’s and government’s priorities.
  • E. Prepared Survey Tools

Phase 2

  • A. Data collection from various sources.
  • B. Discipline-wise key challenges identified based on interviews
  • C. Identified probable support system through which challenges can be overcome.

Phase 3

  • A. The primary analysis of the survey was shared with the client to get feedback.
  • B. The analysis was harmonized with the client’s feedback.
  • C. Based on the client’s accord final report was submitted.

Note: Throughout the project client and consultant (NewVision Solutions Ltd) worked together and helped each other for appropriate output. The consultant took full care of the client’s every requirement and the client properly cooperated with the consultant.

Result of the Study:

From the analysis of the study findings, the consultants have identified that there are several challenges in Bangladesh’s higher education system which need attention from the authorities. Based on the interviews with key stakeholders of the higher education sector, 06 potential projects were designed and submitted to the client.

From the study analysis, it has also been found that supports from development partners are very much eminent for our higher education system and specific support systems are proposed to our clients.

Subsequent Stage:

Currently, the client is deliberating with our proposed strategic options and planning out to enter the sector with appropriate development programs.