Assessment of Sustainability and Targeting of DFID’s Water and Sanitation Portfolio, 2011-2015

Role and responsibilities performed:

  • The scope of the assessment is limited to domestic water supply and sanitation systems established with DFID support between January 2011 and December 2015;
  • The assessment is focused on rural areas, reflecting that the majority of DFID programming on water and sanitation was also focused on rural communities. The assessment looked at continued access to domestic water supplies and basic toilets;
  • In terms of this assessment, however, it is suggested that the following dimensions of sustainability are used in the qualitative assessment, providing DFID with a more detailed analysis and a more useful set of recommendations:
  • Institutional sustainability, relating to institutional arrangements for operation, maintenance, and management;
  • Financial sustainability, relating to affordability and cost recovery;
  • Environmental sustainability, relating to the use of and impact on water resources, also considering climate change?