Mosquito Repellent Market in Bangladesh

An International Trading Company

14th December 2018 to 1st June 2019


The objective of the market research was to carry out the an holistic overview of different types of insecticides such as Mosquito coil, Aerosol spray, Liquid vaporizer and Mosquito repellent body spray/cream available in Bangladesh.

Research Questions:

  1. What are the insecticides available in Bangladesh?
  2. What is the market size of the mosquito repellent?
  3. How many major market players and their market share for the specific repellent?
  4. Distribution and supply chain of mosquito repellent in Bangladesh?

Respondents for the Market Research

NewVision Solutions Ltd conducted face to face(F2F) interviews with end-users, retailers, dealer/wholesalers, and manufacturers for the market research in 33 districts in the country.

Our Approaches:

Phase 1

  • A. Review of government publications, trade, and industry journals.
  • B. Exploring preliminary ideas of the application of insecticides.
  • D. Geographical mapping of the consumer base for mosquito repellents
  • E. Prepared survey tools.

Phase 2

Both Primary and Secondary research tools are used in this phase.

  1. For primary research: Face to face interview was conducted with consumers, retailers, dealers, government officials, importers, manufacturers, and industry stakeholders.
  2. For secondary research: Government publications, rules and guidelines, government gazettes, and other official documents were thoroughly examined. Import data for mosquito coils were also analyzed to understand the supply chain and identify the key market players.

Phase 3

  • A. The primary analysis of the survey was shared with the client to get feedback.
  • B. The analysis was harmonized with the client’s feedback.
  • C. Based on the client’s accord final report was submitted.

Result of the Study:

The market research mapped the overall scenario of mosquito repellent products business in Bangladesh. Which includes import data analysis of both finished products and raw materials used for producing mosquito coils.

The research presents a summary of the nation-wide preference for different mosquito repellent and their brands. Analysis of the risk factors and strategic direction were presented separately to understand the market practice and consumer behavior.

Subsequent Stage:

Currently, the client is deliberating with our proposed strategic options and planning out to enter the mosquito repellent market. In the next stage, they are planning to conduct a consumer evaluation test with their mosquito repellents.

A local super shop selling different Mosquito repellents.
A local super shop selling different Mosquito repellents.

A local mosquito coil manufacturing factory.
A local mosquito coil manufacturing factory.