Plastic Pipe and Fitings Market in Bangladesh

A Renowned Conglomerate of Bangladesh

January-April, 2019


The objective of the market study was to explore opportunities in Bangladesh’s plastic pipes and fittings market and assessing the environment for a new entrant.

Targeted Products

  1. PVC pipe and Fittings
  2. CPVC pipe and fittings
  3. PPR pipe and fittings
  4. HDPE pipe and fittings
  5. Taflon tape etc,

Research Questions:

  1. To assess the current and future size of the market for the targeted products.
  2. Identification of major importers/suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end-users for the targeted products.
  3. Overall supply chain mapping for the identified plastic pipes and fittings (PVC, HDPE, PPR, etc).
  4. Depth Analysis into the supply chain to identify major market opportunities and demand drivers.
  5. Identification of the key segments by breaking the market down to different industries and by geographical presence with their growth analysis forecast.
  6. Raw material sourcing analysis for locally produced- targeted items.
  7. Price preference in the existing market and to develop an understanding of the distribution system.
  8. Identify the stakeholders in the market and iterate their influence in the overall value chain (which will include top competitor’s profiling along with key logistics and other allied key providers and etc).
  9. Analysis of quantity traded and it’s approximate profit margins at each level down the supply chain.
  10. Other scopes – Open for options from the respective entity.

Respondents for the Market Research

NewVision Solutions Ltd surveyed and KII with manufacturer/company, importer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, household, industrial users, government entity, and market experts for the market analysis for the plastic pipes and fittings. The respondents are from Dhaka, Chittagong, Gazipur, Khulna, Bogura, and Rangpur districts of the country.

Our Approaches:

Phase 1

  • Review of government publications, trade and industry journals.
  • Identified major districts according to the client.
  • Prepared survey tools.

Phase 2

  • Identified the types of plastic pipes and fittings used in Bangladesh.
  • Identified the market size and forecast of future demand for plastic pipes and fittings.
  • Find out the major market players and their market share and yearly sales.
  • Identified the popular plastic pipes in Bangladesh.
  • Find out product-wise current and future demand for plastic pipes and fittings.
  • Find out the year-wise import of plastic pipes and the country of origin.
  • Find out the source of raw materials.
  • Identified major importer of finished products and raw materials.
  • Identified the distribution channel of plastic pipes and fittings and other important key factors.

Phase 3

  • The primary analysis of the survey was shared with the client to get feedback.
  • The analysis was harmonized with the client’s feedback.
  • Based on the client’s accord final report was submitted.

Result of the Study:

The market research has identified an increasing demand for plastic pipe in Bangladesh. End-users shifted from metal pipes and fittings to Plastic pile and fittings. Plastic pipes are more durable than metal pipes. Starting with the government, the commercial and private sectors also started to use plastic pipes in Bangladesh. The government sector is the largest consumer of these products. RFL, National polymer, Lira, Bengal, Gazi pipes, Navana and Aziz pipes are the major market players. Along with these brands, there are also non-brand, low-grade plastic pipe producers in Bangladesh acquiring almost 20 % market share in 2019. RFL has the largest supply chain among the plastic pipe manufacturer.