BOP/Volume Zone Business Condition Survey of Bangladesh-2014 (Case study on companies from different sectors those who are doing business in BOP/Volume Zone market.) for JETRO (April 2014 to March 2015)

The objectives of the research were to collect specific information and underline business opportunity for Japanese companies interested in BOP/Volume zone business in Bangladesh. We surveyed ten local companies from ten different sectors those are successful in BOP market and have further growth potential. The sectors covered in the study are food & beverage, water purifying, e-commerce, agrochemicals, education, electronics, toiletries, renewable energy, hospital, and bank. Primary and secondary both methods are used for the study and we collected data about company activities, products and services, future growth plan, financial status, customer segment, key resources, strength and weakness, SBU, value proposition, business model, business strategy, mission and vision etc. After collecting data we prepared a case study and info graphic report on each company.