Market analysis on flat steel in Bangladesh (November 2018)

Client: A Reputed Japanese Trading Company

This study investigated the existing market of flat steel products –Hot-rolled, Cold rolled and Coated steel. Growth potential of secondary industries – Pipe & Tube, Shipbuilding, Pre-engineered building (PEB), Bicycle & Motorbike, Home Appliance (AC, refrigerator and Microwave) – which are strongly related with the flat steel had also been explored.

The specific objectives of the study included:

  • Situation analysis – assessment of market size (for last 5 years) for the respective industries to understand the market trend
  • Competition in the market – a comprehensive analysis of the market to explore how it had shifted in the past 5 years
  • Competitor analysis – identified major competitors and their resource capabilities, market share and brand value
  • Political and legal overview – assessed government policy such as types of interventions, import and other trade barriers for current and potential future ventures
  • Market potential