SPC formulation workshop and capacity development of BEZA & BIFFL for Japanese SEZ development project

The Major objective of the project is the following:

  1. To identify business licenses/SPC registration procedure to be applicable both to the case of general business-related administration and to Economic Zones in Bangladesh.
  2. To check the documents, which includes the Shareholders’ Agreement, to be submitted to the relevant agencies/depts. in charge of issuing business-related licenses for Economic Zone affairs, and provide legal advice for the proceedings of SPC formulation.
  3. To coordinate with persons in charge of SPC formulation at BIFFL and BEZA for development of Equity Investment Policy and Equity Investment Guideline.
  4. To provide support/reports for JICA Consultant to know indigenous norms/system of administrative operations so that JICA Consultant would be able to provide necessary advice to BIFFL and BEZA in order for them to design Equity Investment system for the formation of sound SPC with an investor, and reach a project agreement among SPC, JICA, Finance Dept., BIFFL and BEZA.
  5. Preparation of presentation materials describing the significance and mechanism of ideal Equity Investment Policy and Equity Investment Guideline to be practiced at BIFFL and BEZA, and make presentations of the same.
  6. Preparation of draft Shareholders’ Agreement which shall be agreed among BIFFL, BEZA and Private Investor for implementing EZ development
    and management.