Topographic & Bathymetric mapping of Mirsarai Ocean-Front Economic Zone (MOFEZ) Plot #22 & #23

Role and responsibilities performed:

In cooperation with the Japanese experts of the project team, NewVision’s had done the following work:

  • Topographic and Bathymetric Survey on 1000 Acre of land (Plot # 23) in the Mirsarai Industrial City. Beach area and 2000m x 500m in the sea area;
  • Prepared Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and cartographical mapping (on GIS platform) for the proposed project site including contour line generation at an interval of 0.5 m.;
  • Bathymetric Survey: Underwater survey carried out using single-beam Echo-sounder and GPS during high tide along 10 transects and at 500m intervals or as per field condition;