Cross Cutting Services

NVSL offers a wide range of cross-cutting services in various technical areas or discrete interventions. NVSL has invested significantly in developing strong in-house M&E capabilities, complemented by experienced M&E consultants. Our M&E team has worked across the spectrum of development programs, with a range of different donors.

NVSL’s work also includes technical assistance communication and public awareness campaigns associated with communicating complex issues simply and honestly to get the message across and to engage multiple audiences.

We have significant experience of adopting efficient approaches to engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders whose input is critical to project outcomes.

We undertake development projects as inclusively as possible to effectively contribute towards poverty alleviation.

Our consultants also have both an adept understanding of and responsiveness to the political economy of the country. Our work includes formal studies of Bangladesh’s political economy for a donor designing a larger program. A lot of our work creates a nexus between politics and economics.

NVSL also has extensive experience in defining programmatic interventions. We offer a full range of services including drafting concept notes, undertaking scoping studies, undertaking feasibility studies, constructing log frames, undertaking stakeholder and social assessments, undertaking institutional assessments, preparing business cases (involving financial and economic assessments, cost benefit and value for money analysis, social impact analysis and gender and environmental impact analysis, assessment of vulnerability to external changes, consideration of potential inputs and consideration of potential linkages to other programs in the sector).

Our design specialists are proficient in the preparation of well-structured project proposals that meet client needs.

• Communications
• Gender & Social Inclusion
• Monitoring & Evaluation
• Political Economy Analysis
• Program Scoping & Design