Gas Pipeline relocation of Japanese Economic Zone

Role and responsibilities performed:

  • NewVision’s appointed engineers/experts and deployed the topographic survey team to conduct the topographic survey adjacent to the boundary of the proposed economic zone.
  • The stuff of NVSL took the raw data in the digital platform (AutoCAD and GIS) after getting back from the survey team.
  • The expert and the NVSL stuff then analyzed the best possible relocation route for the existing Gas Pipeline of TITAS and also the number of conflict households and other conflict points was also demarcated in the GIS platform.
  • The total number of conflict points was identified based on the survey information and satellite data (Google Earth Image).
  • Then, the final drawing of the relocation route was fixed considering the whole data set. The total area of acquisition land was also found out and a small-scale Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was also proposed by the NVSL experts. Finally, a comprehensive report was submitted to BEZA.