Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Mirsarai, Chattogram

Duration of assignment (months): 6 Months
Name of Client: Japan Development Institute (JDI)

Contact Person: Dr. Shoichi Kobayashi


Start date (month/year): 30th July 2019

Completion date (month/year): 31st December 2019

Narrative description of Project:

NewVision’s appointed engineers/experts assisted JDI for topographic surveying and formulating a Preliminary Master Plan for Mirsarai Ocean-Front Economic Zone and Jetty, which will be developed by the Private Partners of Bangladesh. All kinds of design works were done with reports and cost estimation was also assessed; preliminary environmental work and market surveys were also conducted at that time. 

Scope of work for Masterplan design:

  1. Basic detail design work for MOFEZ (Phase 1)
  • Detail layout of Dyke;
  • Detail of land Reclamation;
  • Detail layout of Internal Roads;
  • Detail layout of Drainage Canal;
  • Detail layout of wastewater pipeline;
  • Detail layout of Water Supply;
  • Detail layout of Gas distribution pipeline;
  • Detail layout of Wastewater treatment plant;
  • Detail layout of Administration Building & OSS Building;
  • Detail layout of Sub-Station and electricity supply;
  1. Support work for the basic design of Port #22 (Phase 1)
  • Drafting of drawing of 450m part of the Port zone between the shoreline and super dike;
  • Calculation of land filing area;
  • Basic infrastructure (same as above 1);
  1. Estimation of the construction cost of MOFEZ and Port.
  2. Preliminary survey work for the access road of MOFEZ.

Project outcome: 

1. Project planning and survey design;

2. Data and information collection & analysis;

3. A detailed Masterplan report including cost calculation;

4. All detail drawings of offside and on side infrastructures including cost;

5. A cost calculation report for the port development;

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

The proposed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar (BSMSN) will be the first multi-sector economic zone in the country. Developing a master plan (plot #22) NVSL involved four experts for this project. In this service initially, we had conducted a topo-survey to get the initial primary data like elevation, BM point, and other features. Then we had reviewed the EZ main masterplan and the results: 

Currently, the area is of low elevation containing a small forest along the coast. Due to the absence of proper flood control and embankment facility, this large area is almost barren. BSMSN Plot 22 consists of about 277 ha divided into sub-plots. Phase-1 EZ development will involve land development, site development, and construction of internal road network, rainwater drainage network, flood retention canal, water supply system, wastewater treatment system, a power station with a sub-station, telecommunication system, gas distribution networks, and port facilities. After that, various industries will be established. And according to the instruction of the experts we had made the work possible.

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Awesome Works

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