Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Countrywide

Duration of assignment (months): 2 Months
Name of Client: Japan Marine Science Inc. (JMS)
Contact Person: Yasuo Nakajo, General Manager


Start date (month/year): 1st Feb 2021
Completion date (month/year): 31st Mar 2021
Narrative description of Project:

Main objective is to conduct a survey for modernization of ship recycling methods in Bangladesh

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

1. Collected basic information about the geographical conditions of the yard (update the acquired information).

  • Update the following features in ship recycling yards in Sitkunda.
  • Climate (Precipitation, wind and etc.)
  • Terrain (Slope degree, low tide zone, low tide difference, low tide length etc.)
  • Soil and bottom sediment (N value, heavy metal etc.)
  • Water quality (water access, Groundwater depth etc.]
  • Atmosphere

2. Analyze whether the factors hindering the modernization of ship recycling methods are due to geographical restrictions, and consider countermeasures: In order to modernize the ship recycling method corresponding to these items, you are requested to collect information through on-site reconnaissance / interview surveys, viewing yard layout drawings, etc., and to identify what are the factors hindering modernization as geographical restrictions. And then Analyze and consider countermeasures. Summarize these in the following table to clarify the issues.

3. Investigate the actual conditions of 1) physical characteristics, 2) working environment, and 3) environmental measures of the ship recycling yards:

  • The following are what we have with regards to the ship recycling yards in Bangladesh as of the end of November 2018, on 1) physical characteristics, 2) working environment, and 3) environmental measures except for some improved yards. However, in this survey, you are expected to update this information by arranging the following surveys.
  • Remote site survey from japan using webcams and interview surveys with site supervisors,
  • Aerial survey using drone

4. Investigate ship recycling methods related to backward-linked industries: In addition to the interview survey targeting the roll mill factory and electric furnace factory (backward-linkage industry), you are requested to have interviews with cutting processing, pretreatment, and transportation companies as well in order to understand the ideal ship recycling methods in the course of the ship recycling as its value-chain.

5. Reconfirmed the procedure for current recycling methods: Investigated the method currently being practiced by interviewing related ministries and recyclers, taking into account the changes made by Bangladesh Ship Breaking Code 2018.

6. Organized issues from the perspectives of workability, efficiency, and safety: Information was collected through hearings at the yard, and issues will be sorted out from the perspectives of 1) what techniques/equipment/expertise are used, 2) how long it takes for completion, 3) how much cost will be incurred in order to complete these work under safety control.

7. Investigate the processing capacity of the temporary storage facility commensurate with the nature and amount of hazardous waste actually generated.