Country: Bangladesh

Location: Dhaka and Chattogram Division

Duration of assignment (months): 

3 Months

Name of Client: INTAGE Inc. (INTAGE West Japan)
Contact Person: Yusuke IDE, Director Business Design Division.
Start date (month/year): December, 2021 Completion date (month/year): January, 2022
Narrative description of Project: 

The objective was to make a list of potential distributors in trade channel, to collect and analyze the information related to the distribution of the ECM products through various trading channels in order to make better marketing strategies through micro-analysis.

In depth distribution research about the products provides information related to its retail presence, market size and share, sales achieved, how well the competitor is selling and seasonality of demand. 

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

The consultant needed to prepare the Distributor Candidates list with the following required information: Established year; Revenue; Sales Category and Sales composition; Main Brands; Other brands; Contact Information, etc. Following the research scopes of this study, the consultant conducted face-to-face discussion with the local ECM distributors in Bangladesh and collect necessary information. Based on the information, the consultant will make a shortlist of the potential distributor candidates. Following the discussion, the client will finalize the distributors’ list. 

The client has determined the ECMs (Electrical Construction Materials) in Bangladesh Market into two targeted product categories based on their priority:
1. High Priority

WD: Wiring Devices

SG: Switchgears

WC: Wires and Cables

2. Low Priority

LTG: Lighting

Fan: Celling Fans

The project included two deliverables:

1. Survey report: It included in-depth analysis on the products providing the information from the existing Distributors in Trade Channel related to the retail presence, market size and share, sales volume, competitor’s position in the market and seasonality of demand.

2. Distributor Candidates list with required information.

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