Country: Bangladesh
Name of Client:  JETRO Singapore
Start date (month/year): June 30, 2020

Completion date (month/year): January 31, 2021

Narrative description of Project:

The project was undertaken to identify economic growth and change of infrastructure of maritime industry in Bangladesh

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

Specific deliverable under the project was to providing 

  • Economic situation, Industrial structure, Political system, Ministry structure, Trade, Domestic transportation (including truck and rail transportation and ship transportation) 
  • Overview (Area, Population, Basic Information, Main Industries, GDP, Law, Outline of maritime Industry in Bangladesh etc.) 
  • Outline of Maritime Industry in Bangladesh (Outline of shipping transportation (e.g., earning, volume and type of cargo, transportation route, number of shipping companies and ships operated in Coastal Area and River), Shipping companies etc.) 
  • Issues faced by shipping companies and shipbuilding companies (Problem on funding to replace of ship, law and/or tax system for business, excessive competition etc.) 
  • Possible cooperation between Bangladesh and Japan (Taking into account the issued faced by maritime industry in Bangladesh, possible cooperation method that contribute development of Bangladesh maritime industry and Japanese maritime sector are considered.) 
  • Information on ships owned/operated by government (To list up ships owned/operated by government and to research accident case that caused by high age of ship and so on.)

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Awesome Works

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