Country: Bangladesh Duration of assignment (months): 3 Months
Name of Client: Tokai Corporation
Contact Person: Isao Koyama 


Start date (month/year): September 2021 

Completion date (month/year): November 2021

Narrative description of Project:

The primary objective of the Study is to do study works relating to the scope as described below in order to explore the possibility and feasibility for new entrants in the LPG market of Bangladesh and to grasp the overview of the market.

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

1. Industry Structure:

LPG market trend, LPG source, distribution / industrial structure (wholesale/ retail), and main players (business structure, challenges, strangeness, excluding financial information) survey

Consumer survey in Dhaka and Chittagong area (restaurant, cake shop, car (fuel conversion from gasoline to LPG), householder etc.)

Compare price with octane or fuel or CNG etc.

Government energy policy (especially regarding LPG)

Trend/Demand on the auto gas including householder, commercial and industry. (How to use it in householder and distribution channel like as case study.)

2. Extraction of foreign capital regulations, related laws and regulations, and risks

Regulations on foreign investment in LPG business and prospective survey on

future deregulation.

Investigation of LPG-related laws and regulations

Consideration of risks such as country, politics, diplomacy, etc.

Survey of candidate companies (making a long list) ; the list should include the following

data of all the enterprises holding legal licenses to conduct LPG business (excluding small ones engaging in the retail business) as well as big companies who have no such licenses but are interested in entering into LPG business:

Company name (head office location, facility location, market area, number of employees)

Business type (import only, bottling, distribution etc.)

Capital form (listed, unlisted, major shareholders)

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Awesome Works

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