Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Countrywide

Duration of assignment (months): 3 Months
Name of Client: Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-Power)
Contact Person: Hiroyuki Uehara, Chief Manager

Planning & Administration Office


Start date (month/year): January 2022

Completion date (month/year): March 2022

Description of Project:

Conducting a study on small-scale power production & supply in Bangladesh’s national power (on and off) grid, focused on renewable energy sources.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The scope of the study revolving such a project includes intensive research and validation of practices, policies, rules and regulations. Pertaining study will involve:

1.1 Government and state-level studies

Government level studies will include:

  1. Understanding the current situation and market:

Power supply configuration; Location of power stations and its details; Distribution and transmission system;

Power supply structure (on and off-grid); Demand by application and area; Daily load curve; Power outages (frequency and duration); Power imports/exports (Country, power source, volume); Electrification rates by area, non-electrified locations and its potential; Demand and electricity tariffs.


  1. Basic structure/overview of the power market in Bangladesh:

Structure from the end user to the regulatory institutions; Government agencies and ministries involved in the energy and power sector; Policy, law & regulation related to energy and power including wholesale and retail tariffs; Historical data on generation costs, import price on fuels, tariffs; Major utilities, players in electricity business including power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail, such as IPPs, coal/natural gas/oil companies, manufactures, trading houses, investors, financial institutions etc. (For example, in Japan, there are nine major regional utilities, two wholesale, and others IPPs and trading houses etc); Historical demand in MWh by use application such as commercial/industrial/residential/agriculture/others; Historical power supply in MWh by power source and by producer; Historical peak demand in MW; Historical reserve margin; Historical transmission loss; Historical generation capacity by power source and by producer; All of the data will have the source of reference including web-links;

1.1.3 Future plans on:

Power development plan; Renewable energy target and development plan; Long-term demand outlook and Distribution and transmission development plans.

1.1.4 Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant plans (progress and construction status etc) 1.1.5 Data of Investors (as much as available);

1.2 Private-sector level studies:

1.2.1 Survey and insight on existing players:

Financial statements and annual reports (based on recent 3-5 years); Size of the business; Profit loss and

Growth; Business situation; Business models; Business overview; Data of investors and Fees collection methods.


1.2.2 The existing players include:

SOLshare, the mini-grid business entrepreneur based on SHS (Solar Home System); Other solar mini-grid operators and business (if any: player, capacity size, place, equipments, number of customers); 1PP operators in MW sized solar (ex. Marubeni, Joules Power) and Roof-top solar power producers.

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