Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Countrywide

Duration of assignment (months): 1 Month
Name of Client: Marubeni Corporation
Start date (month/year): January 2022

Completion date (month/year): February 2022

Narrative description of Project:

The objectives of the project are illustrated below:

1. Comparison and evaluation of online learning products/contents among others in Bangladesh.

2. Evaluation shall be made by appropriate education expert separately for the following three segment: 

i. K12/Academic

ii. Test preparation/Admission for University

iii. Upskill for workers/Job preparation

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

The activities for this project can be illustrated as follows:

i. To compare, evaluate and rate the quality of the content on several axes provided in each segment.

ii. Axes (as an example) to be advised, including but not limited to; conformance of national curriculum, compliance to religions and law, easiness to understand, efficient learning results, quantity sufficiency etc.

iii. Especially from the viewpoint of pedagogy, the client would also like to know whether or not each company’s product is competitive in each axis compared with traditional learning methods in Bangladesh such as learning with home teacher and at coaching center.

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Awesome Works

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