Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Coastal Area

Duration of assignment (months): 1.5 Months
Name of Client: Japan Marine Science Inc. (JMS)
Contact Person: Yasuo Nakajo, General Manager


Narrative description of Project:

To provide the local survey support for the project to analyze the current conditions of Ship Recycling Facilities in Bangladesh and check the issues for compliance.

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:


  1. Making appointments with concerned parties: Email, Phone call and through using network and reference; Attending meetings and preparing minutes of meetings; Meeting accompany and meeting notes 
  2. Environment and safety management measures: Desk study; KIIs with ship recycling yard, KIIs with MOI on the following:

2.1 Waste generation

2.2 Waste treatment methods, facilities and equipment
2.3 Training facility

3. Historical profile, work record (number, volume, etc.) of the existing recyclers: to discuss with 5 ship recyclers among the members of BSBRA for preparing the profile.

Number of ICUs: Ship recycling yard = 10; KII with concern parties = 4; KII with MOI= 2

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Awesome Works

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