Country: Bangladesh Duration of assignment (months): 3 Months
Name of Client: Summit Agro International LTD.
Address: Takebashi BLD. 9f-1-2-2, Hitotshubashi, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0003, Japan. 
Start date (month/year): January 1, 2019

Completion date (month/year): March 31, 2019

Narrative description of Project: The objective of the market research was to carry out a holistic overview of different types of insecticides such as Mosquito coil, Aerosol spray, Liquid vaporizer and Mosquito repellent body spray/cream available in Bangladesh.
Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

Actual services provided through the projects were 

  1. Different type of insecticides such as mosquito coil, Aerosol spray, Liquid Vaporizer and mosquito repellent body spray/ cream currently available in Bangladesh. 
  2. Determined the actual market size
  3. Investigated the key market player and their shares (region-wise) in the market for all the mentioned products
  4. Explored the existing distribution channels through which the products are distributed. 
  5. Prepared a demand and supply analysis for these projects
  6. Provided a packaging and pricing analysis (similar segments of repellents are included – air freshener, hand soap, shampoo and other items found.

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Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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