Country: Bangladesh Duration of assignment (months): 8 months
Name of Client: Sirajganj Economic Zone Ltd.

Location Within Country: Sirajganj

Start date (month/year): June 2021

Completion date (month/year): February 2022

Narrative description of Project:

Almost all ASEAN countries as well as China have successfully utilized Economic Zone (EZ) programs in the past 30 years for attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) and domestic investors (DI) which contribute greatly to the economic development of each country. Bangladesh implemented Export Processing Zone (EPZ) program in 8 locations since 1984 and yet the program has not brought many remarkable impacts on the localization of industries and backward linkage in productions, except the success in attracting FDI into the ready-made garment (RMG) sector. Recognizing the limited performance of the past EPZ program, Bangladesh Government has reformed the program into Economic Zone Program (EZP) by providing a stronghold to Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) in 2010 with the consolidated Economic Zone Act. 

The Client intends to develop an EZ most practically and attractively for international and local investors and to now consider the detailed design work for the proposed EZ project in Sirajganj.

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

Component 1: Review Work 

  • Identify missing surveys & Data/information
  • New projection of EZ market
  • Review the projection of utility demand
  • Review standards
  • Review of landfilling method
  • Review proposed embankment protection
  • Review proposed erosion protection method
  • Review of Environmental and Social Impact, and requirement of financial institutions
  • Financial Plan and Strategy

Components 2: Detail Design Work

  • Design and Estimate for Site grading work
  • Design and estimates for Bridges & culverts
  • Roads and pavements, foot-path, Bicycle lane etc. 
  • Compound wall, fencing and gate structure
  • Drainage
  • Centralized Water supply, treatment, & distribution
  • Sewerage System 
  • Sustainability elements
  • Amenity buildings and Standard design factories 
  • Offsite infrastructure
  • Design and estimate for Telecom network
  • Gas Supply & Network 
  • Fire Station 
  • Other Missing works & Survey
  • Component 3: Supervision work (Optional)

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Awesome Works

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