Country: Bangladesh Duration of assignment (months): 1 Month
Name of Client: Maruhisa CO., Limited

Donor/Funded by: JICA 

Start date (month/year): October, 2020

Completion date (month/year): October, 2020

Narrative description of Project:

Conducted a feasibility survey for SDGs business on sweet potato production, processing, and marketing for improvement of small-scale farmer’s income and reduction of postharvest loss.

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

    • Gathered and compiled most updated information and data on economy, trade, investment and incentives for investors (2018-19 and 2019-20) in Bangladesh.
    • Documented amendment of investment related laws/regulations including Financial Act 2020 (food processing and Agro products)
    • Provided information on business licenses and guideline for production/processing of sweet potatoes (EZ vs private/general land)
    • Identified top 5 most popular items of snacks and sweets among pupils and students in middle schools
    • Provided hazard-map to understand flood situation in Bangladesh.
    • Identified the frozen food value chain in Bangladesh (raw materials to end user)
    • Documented good practice or case study of other countries: organization of cooperative by small farmers in India
  • Documented government’s policy and achievement of SDGs, especially for goals 2 and 12. Data on postharvest losses

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Awesome Works

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