Country: Bangladesh

Location Within Country: Countrywide

Duration of assignment (months): 2 months (approximately) 
Name of Client: Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Pte, LTD. 
Start date (month/year): October 22, 2018

Completion date (month/year): December 17, 2018 

Narrative description of Project:

The objective of the market study was to carry out the overview of long steel products in Bangladesh and assessing potentiality for a new entrant.

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

Answers provided under the assignment:

    • Total domestic demand in Bangladesh for Rebar, Angle and Channel by grades/sizes for the past 10 years.
    • Total domestic production in Bangladesh for Rebar, Angle and Channel by grades/sizes for the past 10 years.
    • 10-year forecast for Rebar Angle and Channel domestic demand by grades/ sizes. 
    • 10-year forecast for Rebar, Angle and Channel domestic production by grades/sizes.
  • List of domestic mills (20 to 25 mills) for Rebar Angle and Channel and type of finance (EAF, Blast Furnace or Induction Furnace).
  • The capacity and actual production of each domestic mill for each product by grades/sizes.
  • Products and capacity expansion plan of each domestic mill.
  • Past 3 years financial information of top 10 mills by capacity (if available)
  • Import statistics of Rebar, Angle and Channel (5 to 10 years).
  • Domestic strap supply statistics.
  • Scrap import statistics (5 to 10 years).
  • Production Cost analysis – cost or ratio of electricity, labor, raw material, capex etc. to produce 1 MT of steel
  • What is the import duty (or other safeguard measures) for rebar, angle and channel

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Awesome Works

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