Country: Bangladesh

Location: Countrywide

Duration of assignment (months): 

4 Months

Name of Client: Bangladesh Post Office (BPO)
Contact Person: Md. Saleh Ahmed

Director (Planning), Directorate Of Posts, Dhaka


Start date (month/year): May 2022

Completion date (month/year): August 2022

Narrative description of Project:

The BPO has plans to construct a modern technology-based mail processing center and introduce e-commerce based products and services by 2026. The Feasibility study will assess the business models of BPO branching into e-Commerce services, technical and financial aspects of generated ideas spawn out of Digital Service Design Lab (DSDL) and also the technical and economic feasibility of a possible Automated Mail Processing Centre (AMPC) for Bangladesh Post Office.

Followed by this, the core objectives of this project holds:

i. To provide a high-level enterprise architecture design and technical Feasibility on

Digitalization/Automation of BPO

ii. Develop a business model for implementing a business service where BPO will sell Agro-based products grown by marginal farmers directly to the end consumer.

iii. Originate a business model for BPO mail and parcel services. The business model will consider future trends, primarily focusing on the growing digital commerce market.

iv. Conduction of a feasibility study on Automation of Mail Processing Center (AMPC)

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm:

  • Assess all the exixting services of BPO
  • Design indicator and criteria for identifying the quickwins
  • Prepare implementation roadmap plan
  • Prepare financial feasibility studies and analyze the report on proposed new service
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative data collection and data analysis and subsequenty developing an e-commerce level agro-business model.
  • Arranging Validation workshop
  • Assess the existing mail and parcel delivery process, technology usuage both from the Govt. and Private end.
  • Review of existing rules/regulations of BPO and prepare further efficient suggestion for reformation
  • Develop business model and provide a validation workshop on the mail and parcel services
  • Perform a feasible study on the opportunity of MPC and determine the existing technology for MPC for both government and international aspect and provide respective report on the study.

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