Country: Bangladesh Duration of assignment (months): 4 months
Name of Client: JICA and Bangladesh Investment Development Authority, BIDA
Contact Person: Taro TSUBOGO, Group Leader of the Component-1

Mail: tsubogo-tr@k-rc.co.jp Dhaka 1205

Start date (month/year): April, 2021

Completion date (month/year): July, 2021

Narrative description of Project:

This study is a part of JICA Project for Promoting Investment and Enhancing Industrial Competitiveness in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Under this project the consultant is responsible to provide the research service in accordance to the following scope of work under the guidance of the Group Leader of the Project (BIDA Component) and the local supervisor appointed for this purpose

Description of technical specialization provided by the firm: 

The scope of work:

  1. Overview of healthcare/ medical sector developments in Bangladesh

addressing: trends of the number of healthcare/ medical service providers; trends of disease or patients by type; trends of clinical department developments in the major hospitals healthcare/ medical expenditures, medical insurance system, and other basic data.

  1. Market system with key features

addressing: users of medical equipment/ devices; standard sets of medical equipment/ devices per hospital/ clinic grades; practices of procurement and financing (including public budgeting)

  1. Market size and trends

addressing: users’ requirements/ needs for medical equipment/ devices (by segment); major background trends/ factors affecting the requirements and needs (such as advanced medical care, aging, increase of private hospitals, COVID-19 effect, etc.),

  1. Potential segments for Bangladesh

addressing: large and promising segments (or products if known) with users in Bangladesh which are to be highlighted from the above works